Thin Client


Blumarinex Globe Pvt Ltd was founded in 2019 in India. The core business is containing the theme “End to end solution”. Blumarinex is a system integrator with competence in hardware infrastructure, network security and data center. Our technical team designs, builds and supports your mission-critical systems. We help you to stretch your IT budget by working systematically, efficiently and managing the project costs.As the needs of every organization are unique, we remain vendor neutral in the selection of technology solutions. We do what’s best for you – not for us. Our expertise can lead to significant and continuous improvement of your organization’s business and IT processes.We fully understand that every customer is unique, so we always position ourselves as your consultant to give the right solutions with proper investments. Our experiences have enriched us to help our customers in increasing their businesses and support the operational cost effectiveness, which at the end will increase the company’s business competitiveness in market.

Assist clients to apply the right information technology solutions in the organizations to achieve the business goals by providing the proper and cost- effective solutions, good services, reliable and continuous support to the IT investment and its development in the future.

Our focus competences are

  • IT Hardware infrastructure
  • Network and Security
  • Accessories
  • Presentation & Multimedia

The company philosophy is continuous improvement and integration and with the support of its strong quality management system it focuses on to provide:

  • Courteous and pleasant service consistent with professionalism and personalization.
  • Honest and effective consultation and advice
  • A fast delivery of services and products
  • Continuous improvement in the services offered.
  • High quality services and products that excels customer expectations

Why Blumarinex

  • We have total solutions of hardware and software, so our customers could easily rely on us to do the integration.
  • We do a complete services to our customers, from it audit to operation maintenance.
  • We help our customers to design the best solutions according to the needs and budget.
  • Not only consultation and implementation, we also could provide the maintenance, so customers could focus on their main business.
  • We have been established for years and have many success stories in corporate clients.